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No more searching through emails, app redirects or text messages! Automated parcel tracking and real time delivery updates with Sortles app.


Parcel Inbox

All your parcels in one place without redirects or lengthy searches


Seemless Tracking

Parcels will appear automatically after your each purchase


Notifications & Updates

Real time delivery updates on all active parcels

Frequently Asked Questions

Sortles will organize all your online orders in one place - Sortles parcel inbox. Our integrations with shipping carriers and e-commerce allow users to seamlessly get updates on all their online orders without the need to look for a tracking number.

Go to the Sortles app and sign up. To validate your account you need to have a valid phone number. Once you have signed up and keep Sortles installed on your device you will automatically receive all your online purchase order updates.

Yes. All parcel data management is compliant with GDPR and is safely stored in Amazon Web Services cloud databases.

The app is available on Sortles web app platform and soon will be available on both iOS and Android. Stay tuned for updates!

Sortles service is free of charge for private account holders. E-commerce shop owners - contact us for a pricing quote.

We are working hard to connect as much carriers and e-commerce entities as possible. Our goal is to be able to notify you on all purchases you make online. Keep Sortles installed on your device and eventually you will start getting updates from more and more places you shop for.


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